Kevin 1/29/2010
Hi everyone, including the Sullivan Family relatives who are new to this process
 Edzo, which was our name for dad a/k/a Edmund for the last 15 years of his life, was 86...6 of the 7 kids, along with Connie, were at the hospital with him in FLA...we said goodbye to dad and left around 10pm to go back to Connie's for the night...we were just going to sleep at 1130 when the phone rang with the nurse shouting "he's dying" have never seen 7 people get dressed so fast. Mark broke all the speed limits rushing to the hospital and all of us sprinted to his room...there our wonderful dad was DEAD...I'll never forget that moment...the nurse was saying she was imploring Edzo to hang on for a few min until we got there, but she said he didn't want us to actually see him die. Amazingly, even though he was a self-made man...lived a wonderful life and we had been praying for several months that he be taken, it was an Out-of-body experience to actually see him passed....At that point, he was in Heaven looking down on us with a big smile.
As you know, our Cousins, Kathleen Kerwin and Mary Fitch, have created the Sullivan Family website....these remembrances will be added to the website under let's get going
Love Kevin
Every Sunday morning, the entire Sullivan clan would awake and go to 9 o'clock Mass at our parish, Holy Cross Church. We had to fast back then... at least 1 hour prior to receiving communion, so breakfast was not eaten till after Mass. We would arrive at church, and would all file down the isle to the 3rd and 4th rows, on the left. Girls usually first. Dad would be totally beaming, as he was the proudest of father's showing off his 7 beautiful children, esp. the girls! Only kidding. And the Arlinghaus sons would be drooling over Laura!
Then, back to the house where we would scramble a dozen eggs, have bacon, toast and OJ. Finished off by the cinnamon buns Dad brought home from Horn and Hardart(?). They were the best!!  

All my love, Joan

Great story, Joan. 

Dad loved the Military almost as much as he loved our family.  He was so proud when I was accepted to West Point.  I remember the first time I came home for leave my Plebe year…October 1979.  I had lost about 15 pounds (siblings:  no comments please!), and had a buzz cut, too.  He had me bring my “Full Dress” (parade) uniform home to show it off when we went to Navesink for dinner.  The Full Dress uniform is pretty sharp, even if I do say so myself! 

Anyway, many of you know that Big Ed had a smile that could power a small city, and I can still vividly see in my mind’s eye his smile that night as he showed off his baby boy to their good friends at the club.  It was never brighter…except when he was with or spoke about Mom. 

I know he’s smiling down upon us today!

Love, Mark
Neither Arlinghaus boy ever married after being spurned by Laura, fyi…when Kevin and I were preparing to become altar-boys (the Mass was said in Latin so we had to memorize it all), Ed would take us down to the playroom to walk us thorough each element of the Mass, including the Latin responses. Edzo would role-play as the priest and he would be so proud to have his sons (Mark years later) prepare to assist the priest at Mass. I remember when I served my first Mass (6:30 am) and glancing into the pews and seeing Edzo in the front pew with a big smile on his face. He always attributed his success in life to his faith, and having his sons become altar-boys were proud moments in his life!
Greg, I never knew that...Joan
Laura Greg, Dad was disappointed when none of the girls became nuns ~ ha ha......
That's about as true the Arlinghaus boy being interested in me....

So my best memory of dad was his big personality ....When dad was "on" he was one of the most charismatic people I've known. He was a man's man and a lady's man.
When mom and dad entertained they gave some great parties. Even though I was a rebellious teenager I would love talking to their  friends. Later in the evening after I'd return home I remember trying to drift off to sleep around 1am.......But hearing frequent bursts of uproarious laughter which came invariably after a booming voice told yet another joke (Irishman's curse)  Or dad and would do the "old soft shoe" (with those long legs of his!) and kept the party going..... even then I thought they were cool for giving those parties. Dad must have been late 50's and mom mid 40's.
I never knew that either.

I remember the wonderful summer barbecues we would have during the summer months. Dad loved grilling those hot dogs and cheeseburgers and Connie would be inside cooking the corn and slicing the Jersey tomatoes and french fries. Connie would fry up an onion for Dad (his favorite). After playing a couple rounds of tennis trying to beat the siblings we were all so happy to have such a wonderful dinner. That was the good old days on Blackpoint Horseshoe.     
Thanks Dad and Mom.       Janet
Janet, What dessert went along with that? Joan
Mark would know. Mark...? Janet

The answer is the Sunkist orange or lemon ice cooling! Joan

Hi Everyone,
I am here in Florida with Mom today on the 14th anniversary of Dad's passing. Mom started her day by going to 8:30am Mass with her friend, Elise Leddy, whose husband died on the same date two years before. This is a tradition that she and Elise have done together for some years and then they go out to breakfast together. We then got serious about the day and went shopping (Dad would have been happy) For lunch we had grilled cheese with ketchup and those little green olives with pimentos. (Dad would have been happy again.) We went back out for Round Two of shopping again (Dad would have been happy as he could have taken a nap and been ready for the evening!) After cocktails at the neighbor's home, Mom and I had a very nice supper at Tequesta Country Club which Dad definitely would have loved! Dad would have had a wedge of iceberg lettuce with DOUBLE roquefort dressing. He loved steaks and roast beef and baked broccoli, though or garlic...and of course he loved ice cream for dessert. 
Mom and I just read everyone's remembrances that Kathleen (so beautifully, I might say) has added to Dad's page for posterity. Mom thanks everyone for their loving thoughts.
Much love, 




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