SARATOGA SPRINGS DIRECTORY 1886-1900:  Saratoga Springs, NY

The Saratoga Springs Directory Map.  On close scrutiny you see that the Sweeneys, Sheas, Conways, and Sullivans lived in close proximity.


legend    bds - boards


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Daniel, laborer   Ash n Elm Walnut n Ash Walnut n West Circular   14 Walnut


14 Walnut


14 Walnut 14 Walnut 14 Walnut 14  Walnut    14 Walnut  14 Walnut


Bridget, laundress                   14 Walnut     14 Walnut


M.O., carpenter   Ash cor Walnut keeper Town hall

Ash cor Walnut

Daniel, carpenter


      Lake Ave and Front Lake Ave and Front 92 Front   106 Front         72 Middle Ave

Daniel Jr bds

72 Middle Ave

Daniel Jr bds

Dennis, porter       bds Circular and Phila                    
Julia, domestic     Waverly House Broadway House   Broadway n Rock   54 Franklin         Julia M
138 Clinton
Julia M

bds 138 Clinton


Kate, domestic       Broadway House   15 Clinton     servant 495 Broadway          
Daniel, laborer           36 Harrison 36 Harrison        36 Harrison  36 Harrison  36 Harrison   
Dennis E, grocer

father of Frank Sullivan

          37 Franklin 37 Franklin


  58 White 58 White


retail grocer

58 White

58 White


  90 White

h. 13 Stratton

Florence   farmer

Geneva n Front


Maple Ave


Front n Second

  Front n Second     cartman

opp Red Spring and Geneva


opp Red Spring and Geneva


Died Dec 1, 1882  
Margaret             Front n Second              
M, laborer           bds Division n Clinton                
Michael (Morty), shoemaker         Caroline and Putnum, h. Front and RR Caroline, h Academy and Caroline   Carolyn n Henry       48 Caroline 48 Caroline


J, laborer         Matilda and Van Dam                  
C, farmer             Ash   Hyde and Circular          
John, porter               H S Hotel, bds 60 Washington            
Dennis, laborer                 254 Church          
John, coachman                   106 Regent        
John J., teamster                   165 Elm   165 Elm


Michael P, laborer                   165 Elm



D &  H C CO

165 Elm



165 Elm bds 157 Elm

Address Legend:

1 Front and Second

Front has since 1891 been changed to Maple Ave becoming a main thoroughfare