Issue 1: Michael Sullivan, elder, never settled in Saratoga Springs.  According to John Conway's family oral history, Michael and Julia returned to Ireland, specifically to Kenmare from where he was originally.  Michael Emmett Sullivan settled in Saratoga Springs; note Census 1855 which lists him living  sister Margaret Sullivan Moran, age 18 yrs.  Issue: in 1855 he would have been 13 yrs.  There is confusion in the 1855 and 1860 Saratoga Springs census in other instances.  The 1860 census has him working in Greenfield.

  • Where did Michael and Julia live in NYC?
  • When did Michael and Julia return to Ireland?
  • Where in Ireland did they return?
  • If they returned they must have done so by 1855 when Michael Emmett, their youngest, went to live with his sister in Saratoga Springs.  Can we find a death record for Michael or Julia in the Irish archives after 1855?  Can we find Griffiths Valuation records for Michael?