Megan 1/8/2010

I loved seeing that letter from Dad; its so him. I picture him sitting in that One Battery Plaza office in his suit, he was quite the professional.

Bill, loved your memory of riding up with him in the club car to NYC. All of my siblings have precious, perhaps poignant memories of riding the train to NY with him. I remember the plush deep red velvet upholstery in his club car where he would say hello to everyone as he makes his way to our seat. The lovely African American waiter, was his name Baxter? or Roosevelt? or something like that? would bring us sodas with little swords laden with cherries. And he'd bring Dad a scotch.

Does one still take the Staten Island ferry to Manhattan at the end of the train line? That was very exciting being with Dad amid the hustle and bustle of getting on and off trains and boats; and that was a huge adventure for me especially the time it was just Dad and of the few times I remember having him all to myself. After visiting his office and looking out the window and meeting his secretary, we would go off to either shop or go to a museum. Actually, it was on one of these trips where we went into Schraft's and saw Uncle Paul. That was probably the last time I saw him, probably 1965 or 1966. He was very handsome and had a soft smile. He looked alot like Dad.

Once in lower Manhattan, it was a short walk to his office. We went through a very old church and cemetery on the way, and he would put his hat on as we entered the property and tell me the hat was to protect his head from getting pooped on by the birds in the trees. Can anyone tell me which church that might have been? We always had to dress up and wear dresses and patent leather shoes and for some reason, I'm remembering that butterscotch that Dad used to eat, though cant' remember the name...they were wrapped individually in silver foil?

While an adventure for a young kid, I'd like to note that Dad made this trek which was a 2-hour (in the best of circumstances) door-to-door commute each way every day for 25 years. I remember once it broke down in the swamps up by the Raritan River for two hours in a snowstorm or something like that. Mom was really worried. No cell phones in those days to communicate. It wasn't an easy commute.

Bill, I remember staying in one of your rooms (Johnny or you) when I visited one summer. You were grown and gone. I loved your mom very much. She was so beautiful, well-coifed and elegant. Her makeup fascinated me. I have a funny memory of driving in a car with her. Reggie and/or one of my sisters may have been in the car too. Anyway, we had this conversation about how we should chew our food, every bite, 25 times...that was the healthy way to eat. (She must have just had a meal with me...being one of seven kids we would eat our food very fast, some would say inhale our food, so we could maybe get seconds!) Try it sometime. Anyway, that moment has stuck with me.

Anyway, thanks for the memories,

Megan 1/8/2010
Kevin 1/8/2010
Great memories, Megan
Baxter was the name of the club car waiter...he'd serve coffee and Danish in the am and cocktails coming played bridge on the train 2x per day for 25 years, which is why he was an excellent bridge player.
The train would end in Hoboken and dad would take the ferry to Wall most people today take the PATH train, although many people do take the ferry
The Rumson Sullivan's, especially Greg & I, are the fastest eaters in the US...the 1st finished the main course would get 1st pick of dessert...then 1st finished(Greg & I) would get the ends of the couch to watch TV...BTW, Greg & I were angels with our 4 younger sisters
Love Kevin 1/8/2010


Kevin 12/31/2009
"As Laura said, Dad loved sports, yet was an ok athlete, I surmise  However, he couldn't play sports as a teenager as he had to work after school to make $$ to give to the family to make ends meet.
Anyway in 1925(when he was 16) he went to a semi-military summer camp in Upstate NY, which he loved, a Fresh Air type situation....his baseball team won the championship and, unfortunately, dad got sick and was hospitalized when they gave out the trophies...and he never got one as they lost his..  he was totally bummed, yet kept it hidden for 65 years....when he was almost 80, he told me the story, saying he never won anything in his life...he was sad.....So, in a rare brilliant move of mine(helped by God), I went out and got a big trophy and had it inscribed with the correct info.  We gave it to Dad several weeks later on his 80th Laura said, he and all the kids were crying...I still get choked up about this 20 years later
It was beautiful!!!" Kevin 12/31/2009
Laura 12/31/2009
"Dad was a very good "self-made" man who was passionate about his faith, family, and friends and sports. He was very funny even hilarious at times. Very popular in social circles.
Edzo was a loving man with a big heart.( better be on his team) He was passionate about some causes and esp. education.
He helped found "Christian Brothers Academy" w/ the Christian Brothers and 10 other dads where Kevin, Greg and Mark and many friends all flourished both academically and sports wise. 
Ed also LOVED sports.......
Aside from his lack of formal education he was very disappointed that he never got to play high school sports/ received a trophy ( due to family obligations) . 
Kevin presented dad with a sports trophy when dad was about 80(?) and dad cried like a baby ~  so did everybody else.....want to tell this story Kevin?
It was one of the most emotional moments of his life. 
Once again, Kathleen and Mary thanks for all of  the hours spent in researching our family's history. Want to get into the web pg more soon.
Kev, thanks for condensing some main highlights yesterday ......."  Laura 12/31/2009




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