On Wed, February 10th, Mary and I met Betty for lunch in Chico.  Heather had written and asked us to bring a laptop to lunch because her mother had a surprise for us.  Betty's dad, John Flynn an engineer and forward thinking kind of guy, had taken lots of family movies.  Betty, also a forward thinking kinda gal, rescued and preserved the movies.  She presented the DVD with the movies of her as a young girl (Young Betty) with my father, Paul, the wonderful Wedding movie (Ted and Ethel's Wedding) of Mary's mother and father, Ethel and Ted Sullivan, and the priceless movie in the Edmund Sullivan's backyard (Sullivan Children Summertime fun) with all the youngest children and grandchildren of Daniel Sullivan.


Betty said 'there are lots more movies where these came from' promising more memories and conversation to come.

Young Betty click here Often at the beach with mother Celestine and father John Flynn, Paul Sullivan, Minnie (Paternal) and Maternal Grandmothers.  I think Bill is in there as well. top

Ted and Ethel's Wedding click here Ft. Jackson, North Carolina.  Roger Ryan gives away bride Ethel, Edmund the best man and Connie, Ethel's sister Mary Merat, matron of honor. top

Amanda Matthey Bolzau 
OMGosh, flood gates are officially open <sniff> if only I could hear the sound....I'm assuming it doesn't have sound or that everyone else has this same issue of not being able to hear sound with the video?
o sound, honey.
Kathleen Mary, where was your parent's wedding? Oklahoma?
Amanda Matthey Bolzau  Kathleen, mom tells me it was at Ft. Jackson, North Carolina :)
Mary Fitch 
Ft. Jackson, South Carolina... 
Regina's dad is walking mom up to the church, and Edmund and Connie are in the video as well. Edmund was the best man at the wedding.

The woman walking up to the church with Mom and Roger Ryan is Mom's sister, Mary Merat, who was matron of honor. I'm not positive, but I think it may be Connie who joins them after a moment.
Amandita Sullivan 
Wow this is amazing!!! Thank u so much for sharing it with us, Kathleen and Mary!! For my cousins, Grandma and Grandpa can be seen at minute 1:07-1:09. Seeing them so happy, young, in love and together just made my whole week!! THANK YOU!! ♥ ♥
Mary Fitch
Amanda, this video came from Celestine's daughter, Betty. Kathleen and I just saw it earlier this week, and we were just as excited and amazed. :)
Betty is the hero for rescuing and preserving these wonderful clips. The superhero was her father, the engineer, for being able to take them and in such high quality for the time.

Sullivan Children Summertime fun click here Taken in the Edmund Sullivan's backyard on Lincoln Avenue, New Jersey top

"the backyard at 31 Lincoln Avenue close to the Sea Bright bridge and a stone's throw from Holy Cross School. We moved from there in October, 1957 to Blackpoint Horseshoe when I was three". Megan.

Regina The movies are fabulous.... brings back wonderful memories.
Janet Wonderful pictures of the Daniel Sullivan Family!
Laura these are really fantastic......thanks for putting this all together! 
love, Laura

Just saw all the videos can't believe what fun they are ~ haven't seen any of my family videos (when we were young) for at least 30 yrs! thanks ~ xo Laura

Kathleen and Betty and Reggie...
the video of Sullivans in our backyard on Lincoln Avenue having some summer fun is FANTASTIC!! Can't wait to watch it again and again and check out the other postings in the last few days. Thank you for new insights into our childhood...who would've thunk?
Joan trying to go down the slide is funny, but Kevin trying to impress by riding a tricycle for the camera (he looks like he's about 13-yrs.old) is priceless. And it looks like Uncle Paul is out for the count with all the activity!  Kev, do you want to check in on this one..what's up with the trike? 
Thank you all again for making my day! 
Hey, Reggie, Nice sun suit. xoMeeg
Megan -
.....And you were in the pink dress......on that two person swing-thing... alone....want to talk about it?? :)
Also ....can swear it looks like Kevin's slacks are cinched above his waist.....
This is great fun.
Megan and Regina:
They are above the waist.  And those tenni-runners...classic.
I was wondering whose home this was.  You Edmund Sullivan's ruled on the slide and swingset.
Love, Kathleen
I was clearly demonstrating at age three, no less, that I could command a dual swing solo. Impressive actually! There's one point in the video where we all look like the Flying Walengas, everyone going every which way. I'm surprised the equipment held up! 
Yes, Kevin's pants look like they could have walked away by themselves. Connie probably bought them a little roomy as he was still growing; surprised he could still breathe they were cinched so high! My pink dress is cute, too. 
Correct me if I'm wrong ~ think that Megan/Kathleen are 3, Janet/Joan 5,
Reggie/Michael 6, Laura 7, Greg 8 1/2 and Kevin is 10 (not 13) What age does that make Tina, Roger, and Barbara?
You're right about Michael being 6 yrs.  I'm 4 yrs.