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Regina and Michael's 1st Birthday

Dear Michael -

We're February twins --  and while you lived in NY we spent our birthdays together. These are two photos from our 1st birthday celebration  (And Mamie loved your more -- just look at the photo!!) And it wasn't just our birthdays we spent together....I would come over to your apartment near Yankee Stadium and we would play in the park across the street.  I was glad to leave Robert behind. Kathleen eventually came into the picture....but we were already playmates.

I started pulling out the boxes and I hopefully will find more.

From your younger cousin - if only for a few day.....

Much love,

Daniel Sullivan's sons and daughters

Michael and Kathleen --

Thought I would send this photo -- I found in the first box I opened tonight. 

You can see your father as a very young man....and next to your Dad....Ursula, Teddy, Edmund, our grandmother, Celestine, John Flynn holding Betty, my Mom. It must have been taken just as Edmund got his commission....